Do Men Fall in Love More Quickly Than Women?

This may surprise you, but in a recent article, psychologists and relationship experts are actually claiming that men tend to fall in love faster, and will say “I love you” much sooner than women will.

Here are a few reasons they offered to back up this claim:

  • Women are generally more risk averse than men, so they tend to keep their feelings and expressions hidden most of the time. According to Neil Lamont, a psychologist in London, "[Women] can be less likely to express such deeply felt emotions until they feel safe and secure enough in the relationship to do so. Revealing to your significant other that you love them risks vulnerability, because we can never be entirely sure they feel the same."

  • Men deeply value being in committed relationships. Lamont also mentioned that, “…while societal and cultural norms may have dictated that men should be strong and resilient, the reality is a well-lived life for men will typically involve deep and meaningful, loving relationships."

  • Men have a natural, deep seeded desire to care for, protect, and provide for people. Once they settle down with a partner, they’re more able to do that.

  • Ingrid Collins, another psychologist says that while men may fall in love more quickly, they are also more resilient when it comes to relationships, and have an easier time moving on to another relationship, if their previous one has failed.

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